Four twisted tales over the course of one fateful night, BLOODY LONDON unites the hottest British horror directors to show you the dark side of London…

A London taxi driver is forced into a deal with the Devil to deliver four fresh souls before dawn – the next four passengers he picks up in his cab are:

A high-flying businesswoman who is stalked through her office building, a deserted skyscraper, by a phantom who knows her better than she knows herself.

A Soho tourist looking for sex falls prey to a serial killer.

A technician on the London Underground, working on the darkest stretches of the tube network, who hunts down the ghosts of decades past until he finds the one he’s looking for.

A gang of thieves who ravage a disused church only to find the church’s guardians, the gargoyles who decorate its roof, have other ideas.

The taxi driver delivers his last soul – but the truth is that we should never trust the Devil.