Directed by the acclaimed French actor Michel Blanc, Summer Things is a poignant study of the entangled relationships within a group of friends.

A wealthy couple, Elizabeth (Charlotte Rampling) and Bertrand (Jacques Dutronc), plan a summer holiday at an expensive coastal hotel. Their friends, Véro and Jérôme, although seriously struggling for money, surprisingly appear to be holidaying at the same resort.
Elizabeth generously decides to invite her friend Julie, a single mother with a young baby, along for the ride.
But Bertrand has another plan and helped by Elizabeth having a holiday companion in Julie, he hatches a plot to escape to see his lover. At the same time, their teenage daughter has planned an illicit trip to Chicago with her father’s junior employee.
Sporting a stellar cast of French actors, Summer Things is a darkly comic story of love, friendship, sex and romance across the generations.